The Uncomfortable Truth About Your Spirit Guides

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Experience your Spirit Guides, as if you were sitting down with friends over coffee.

Are you ready to leverage the guidance, wisdom, and unconditional support of your spiritual team to help you create the life you want?

If you’ve always longed to truly “know” your Spirit Guide team so that you can accurately receive their guidance, this is the event for you!

I’m so excited to invite you to your very own
Spirit Guide Wisdom

Virtual Retreat

By the end of this full day of training, you’ll be able to “tune into” each of your Spirit Guides as easily as if you were dialing into a radio station!

Here’s the agenda for your virtual retreat day:

Session One: Preparing to Connect

Before we connect to our Spirit Guides, knowing how we’ll perceive them is ESSENTIAL.  In this session, you will discover how YOUR perception of your Guides will work – through clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, or claircognizance … or all of the above.  Each of us has a unique way of tuning our awareness to upper-dimensional realms.  In this session, you will discover how YOUR awareness of your Guides works!

Session Two: Getting to Know Your Guides

In this session, we are going to get to know our team in great detail!  Through simple dowsing processes and mediation, you will uncover exactly how many Guides are on your team, who each of them is, their names, their role on your team, and what Divine gifts they support you with!  You will learn how to dial into the energetic frequency of each of your team members, so that you can communicate with them accurately.

Session Three: Communicating with Your Guides

Now that you know “who” is on your team, it’s time to fine-tune our communication system.  Learn how to receive accurate guidance based on your intention.  We’ll cover what to expect (and NOT to expect, which is just as important) and how to maintain a state of mind that ensures accuracy within our intuitive process.

Session Four: What Can Your Guides Tell You?

Your Guide team can only help you as much as you allow – and knowing the capabilities of your Guide team is essential!  In this session, you’ll discover the details of what your Guides can and cannot tell you, how to interpret guidance accurately, and how to practice excellent spiritual discernment in your communications with your team!

Session Five: What Your Guides Can Do For You

You already know that your Guides can give you … well, guidance.  In other words, you can receive information from them.  But there is SO much more your Guides can do.  In this session, you’ll discover the FULL capabilities of your spiritual team!  Learn how to really put your Guides to work – to help you take action, to open doors of opportunity, and to gather the resources you need to create your life.

It’s going to be an amazing day!

How It Works:

When you register, you will receive ALL five sessions as well as all written materials to create your very own, personal Spirit Guide Wisdom Retreat Day.

Take ONE DAY and listen to all the recordings, do the written work … and create a whole new relationship with your personal team of Spirit Guides!

You’re encouraged to do this work throughout ONE day … pick a quiet weekend day, and give yourself this incredible gift.

All session recordings build on each other and invite you to immediately do the written work … by immersing yourself in this material for ONE DAY, you are sure not to lose momentum!

This experience also includes the following bonus:

Dowsing Basics

In this video-based training, you’ll learn all the basics of dowsing.  If you’ve never done this work before, no worries!  It’s easy when you know what to do and what NOT to do. When used mindfully and consciously, dowsing can be an unbelievably accurate tool for intuitive development.  During the immersive, it will help us discover the details of your Spirit Guide team, so that we can “tune in” to each of your Guides, so this pre-event training is essential if you’ve never dowsed before.

Are you ready to create the intimate relationship with your Guides that you’ve always wanted?

Your investment for this entire day of training
is $397 or two payments of $219 

Yes, Andrea!  Sign me up!

I understand that by registering for this event, I will receive the following:

  • Access to the downloadable MP3 recordings of all five sessions.
  • Dowsing Basics Video Training Bonus

My Reassuring Money Back Guarantee

I’m positive you’ll LOVE connecting with your Guides through this virtual retreat.  However, should you decide after you register that this event is NOT for you, simply email me within seven days of purchase and request your money back.  I’ll gladly refund you, no questions asked. 

I hope you’ll give yourself the experience of this incredible day of connecting with your Spirit Guide team!

Andrea Hess